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⛔️ Charlie Mar Chat Rules ⛔️

• Please respect me, the moderators, and all other chat members 

• No advertising/No spam

• No bigotry/flaming/racism/sexism 

• No bullying, or other hate-based chat

• No ethnic, sexual, religious, disability, agist, or transphobic slurs.

• Don't argue with people over the chat unless its constructive criticism, or respectful opposing investing opinions

• For the most part let’s keep political views to ourself

• Do not share or steal any information, alerts, or announcements made here or this will result in a permanent ban
• Please note the group chat is not a "support center", to reduce clutter support/help or FAQ that are about the membership will be deleted.

✖️Please refrain yourself from posting gains/losses/screenshots from outside trades like IPO’s, hype stocks, side options trades, crypto or unrelated approaches. This helps the chat become less cluttered and it prevents newcomers and other members from getting confused over what was alerted or what we covering.

⚠️ Note:  This is a Contrarian Value Investing Club. Meaning, we need to try and block all the outside noise. People join this club to finally pull away from the typical groups and approaches out there. So, it’s not that great when you come in here only to see the same chatter. There are plenty of other groups and chats you can join and be apart of if you’d like to participate in that style of trading or talk. 

🥴 I am not perfect and at rare times I  will make a trade or have a different approach on an investment. This however is okay since it is Charlie Mar’s Club and I like to share everything and be as transparent as I can.

 ❌ When you join Charlie Mar you agree’d to the terms and conditions. Meaning, you understand you cannot create or participate in any “side group chats” created through Charlie Mar with other members. Any side group chat/ found with more than 3+ members will automatically result in the permanent banning of every single person in that group. This simply helps keep control, and prevent information from being shared outside of Charlie Mar without my permission. It also goes against the terms of usage.

✍🏼 I strongly believe the way you represent yourself reflects your over-all performance. I recommend you watch how you represent yourself in the chat and keep it professional. I would like for all of you to leave your troll-like, immature, inappropriate or trader/gamer type of talk behavior by the door before entering this chat. I myself will work on improving this and help lead this investing club so we can continue staying ahead of everyone else.


(These rules may be changed/updated. There may be more rules added to the list over time)

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