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Charlie Mar


As a kid, curiosity led me to the market. It would always catch my attention and I was very fascinated by it.
The market became my passion the moment I heard about it when I was 8 years old. My father introduced me to a movie he thought I would find boring by the name of “Wall Street.” Yes, the classic Wall Street movie from 1987. I ended up falling in love with the work and the idea of becoming a trader. I would get my hands on every single book, magazine and movie that I can that had to do with trading stocks. I sincerely believe I was born to trade the market. I had made it my goal to save up enough money, learn and prepare myself to make my first move trading stocks. I had to get to it as soon as possible. I did not want to waste any time so I even started saving money I got as a kid on birthdays. Then when I turned 15 I started working my ass off trying to get a job to start collecting some paychecks. It was the only way I knew that would get me big chunks of money to save more. I finally got a job but I hated the idea of having a boss and working for others I couldn’t stand all the hard work and effort to work for someone else and get slapped in the face with a minimum wage. I had saved up a couple of hundred dollars and I still wanted to make more money and be my own boss. At the age of 16, I decided to get all my money and create my own business. I started a small business on eBay selling electronics, games and so many more products that I had bought from stores, garage sells and craigslist for cheaper and sold for higher. I was all about turning money into more money so buying and selling products on eBay was a perfect way to start investing money in a way that was safer and better at my age! The eBay business I had created turned out to do very well. I had a couple of dozen sells a week and I was fascinated by it. Keep in mind that through this whole time I was still taking the time to study and read books on trading the market. As the years passed I had gathered enough money and I had turned 18. It was the perfect age to start trading the market. I felt that I was fully prepared and would automatically start generating a lot of money. I mean common had I spent so many years reading books and I already knew so much and I knew a lot of tricks and had a lot of tips to be successful. Well, when I first started I ended up losing about 60% of the money I had invested over a few months. The real-world market had hit me and knocked me on my ass. I was going crazy a 60% loss of all the money that I had worked so hard for and I had saved was disappearing from my own hands. It was like a punch to the gut. The market was eating me alive. I couldn’t stand the fact I was losing so much money and I had to do something about it. I took some time off and decided to restart and re-prepare myself. I took a lot of time doing paper money and reading more books and studying insanely. I was not about to quit. I did the process I had mentioned before again and saved up more money to start again. The second time around I had taken the time to create my formula, my magic. It was time to create something that worked. I brought together all the information that worked and combined them. I also took all the false and incorrect information or just simply things that personally didn’t work for me and threw it all away. I spent so many hours and weeks even months creating a system that would work. As I mentioned earlier I combined things that worked, correct facts and information that truly helped from all the different resources and brought them into one system. I add a bunch of the plans and strategies that I had created. In the process, I did end up losing money testing different ideas here and there and in total again I lost money. Only this time I was planning on it, all so that I can learn and create a system that worked for me. Every mistake made and the idea was all so that I can prove to myself that I was heading in the right direction and making my system strong. I finally realized that the system I had created was finally finished and was ready to be put to a test. I was fully prepared to test it on my 3rd time going into the market. Believe it or not, it WORKED! I started to see a big difference and I was starting to gain money and growing my portfolio. I started making gains from hundreds of dollars to even thousands in return! I was never so excited and proud of myself. My system was working! I kept on playing my system and my account only went north. I started growing and growing and money was coming to me in crazy amounts. As you know word spreads fast! So, classmates and friends all over Social Media from Instagram and Twitter to Facebook and What’s App started coming to me asking me what I did and how I do it and if I can teach them. When they found out I traded the market they tried themselves as well and of course, they lost money and their accounts where drying up while mine was still growing. Every week I was having at least 5-10 people asking dozens of questions and they did not understand why they kept losing and I kept making money. Eventually, I started telling a selected amount of friends my strategy and system and all of the greatest tips I had. At first, it was fun and I loved teaching others my system. But it got to the point where I couldn’t handle all the responses and it started getting out of hand. I love helping others and teaching people how to generate more money but there had to be a different way I can teach them all and show them all my system faster and more efficient. I started creating videos and posting them on YouTube and more and more people started coming to me even adults and older people. I figured it was time to make a change to teach everyone the system I had created so that they may become successful start seeing gains and truly learn the market. That is exactly when the Charlie Mar community came to mind and was created. Now you can become a success story by becoming a member, learn all my patterns, secrets, strategies and techniques. This time I want to see you make a change in your life. Come on over join the league of day traders, get on board and start your freedom.

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